Terms of Business


Vaccinations and annual boosters all cats must be fully vaccinated against FELINE INFECTIOUS ENTERITIS & UPPER RESPIRATORY TRACT INFECTIONS (cat Flu). Vaccinations (including annual boosters) must have been completed at least two weeks BEFORE the cat’s arrival at the cattery

If your cat is allowed outdoors it is strongly recommended it also has the LEUKAEMIA vaccination (FeLV), but this is not a compulsory requirement for boarding your cat here. Please remember to email a photo of their certificate/s prior to arrival – cats cannot be accepted for boarding without their current vaccination certificate being provided before they enter the cattery. If you are unsure whether your cat’s vaccinations are up to date, please contact your veterinary surgery asap.

Medical History – we will require full details of your cat/s medical history on booking. Please inform us as soon as possible if your cat/s is/are unwell before your holiday and we will do everything possible to ensure they can still stay with us. If however this is not possible we can recommend local pet sitters instead – please contact us to discuss this. I am sorry but cats with any contagious illness can not be boarded. THIS INCLUDES COUGHS, RUNNY NOSE, SNEEZES AND COLDS OF ANY SORT. Please appreciate that this is essential in order to safeguard the health & wellbeing of all cats boarded.

Neutered/Spayed – All cats over six months of age must be neuteredall cats over six months of age must be neutered / spayed

Treatments if there are any treatment/s deemed necessary for a cats wellbeing or comfort, eg, worming, flea treatment, etc, whilst they are boarded, these will be carried out at management discretion after discussion with our vet & charged to the owner/s on collection of the cat.

 Medication medication previously prescribed can be continued during your cats stay.  Medication is administered at an extra fee & will only be given to manageable cats. However, should there be any risk of harm to cattery staff or to the cat whilst medication is being administered & making it impossible to treat the cat, then it will be necessary for the cat to be cared for by a veterinary surgeon. This could either be at the cattery or at the veterinary surgery. Any veterinary fees incurred in this situation will be charged in full to the owner on collection of the cat.

 Refusals – we reserve the right to refuse admission of any cat/s who in our opinion are showing signs of ill health, pending advice from a Veterinary Surgeon. Please appreciate that this is essential in order to safeguard the health & wellbeing of all cats boarded.

Grooming – daily brushing is provided at an additional charge. This can include cleaning ears and wiping eyes if required. Owners are asked to bring their own grooming equipment on admission of the cat. However, we will not be responsible for grooming any cat/s that get distressed or risk causing any harm to the staff whilst being groomed.

 Illness & Vet Fees Veterinary attendance is assured should we feel this necessary. In the unfortunate event of illness and/or accident at the cattery, our veterinary surgeon will be called to attend and/or the cat/s may be taken in to the veterinary surgeon’s care at our discretion. If we have not been able to contact the owner of the cat/s or their representative/s, any treatment deemed necessary by the vet will be carried out without the owner/s consent. Any fees for this will be charged to the owner/s on collection of the cat, including mileage if it has been necessary to take your cat/s to the veterinary surgery. Bromley Hayes Cattery is registered with No1 Vet, Rugeley, WS15 1DN. 01889 574452

 Insurance – we will only be responsible for any veterinary fees incurred through a problem developing with any cat/s whilst boarded if this at the fault of the cattery. We will not be responsible for any veterinary fees incurred that are not deemed to be the fault of the cattery or for a cat/s that entered the cattery with an ongoing or reoccurring medical condition.  These fees will be charged to the owner/s on collection of the cat.

Responsibility – whilst every care and precaution is taken with every cat/s boarded at the cattery, we cannot be held responsible for any illness, disease, accident or death that may occur during boarding.

Admissions and Collections

Opening Hours & Appointments – all arrivals, collections and viewings are booked by appointment during our opening hours. This is a condition of our original planning permission and our license. Opening hours and appointments ensure that we are fully prepared for all of the cats, not only for the cats arriving or going home but also allowing us time to ensure that all cats boarding with us receive sufficient care and attention whilst they are on holiday with us. Whilst it might initially appear that we are being very particular with this, it is very important so that we can keep our high standard of care to each and every holiday maker with us. Please help us to do this by making yourself aware of our opening hours and your appointment times. Thank you.

Changes since COVID – As we are a very small team, all arrivals, collections and viewings are now outdoors, right next to the cattery. Please appreciate that everyone who visits the cattery has been travelling and so the risk of illness is slightly higher to us if we allow everyone indoors. We want to remain healthy so that we can continue to look after your cat/s all year round.

Emergency Contact Number/s  Prior to admission please provide at least one daytime & one evening phone number of a person to contact (friend, relative etc) in the event of any unforeseen problems. Please inform us if any of your or your cat/s details change.

Carrying Basket – please ensure your cat/s are transported in a suitable, secure pet carrier. Never carry a cat in your arms. If they are spooked and jump out of your arms they can run off.

Belongings – any personal belongings bought to or left at the cattery are at the owner’s risk.

Bedding please bring lots of your cats own sleeping beds, blankets, pillows or baskets and boxes to be left during their stay. Please ensure they are not newly washed & that they smell of home to help your cat/s settle in with familiar smells around them.

Collars any form of collar should be removed from your cat prior to admission

Food & Litter are provided by the cattery & included within the standard fees. However, if your cat is on a special diet or eats food which is not easily available, we respectfully request the cats owner to supply your own.

Sharing – cats are only allowed to share a chalet if they are from the same household and get on well enough. If problems arise during their stay, the cats will be separated and an extra charge will be made for any fees incurred due to this eg an extra chalet, vet fees etc.

Bookings in order to avoid disappointment, definite bookings should be made as early as possible. Bookings are only confirmed if you have received an email from Bromley Hayes Cattery. It is important to provide firm dates & times of arrival well in advance of the actual holiday, together with any up to date information on your cat (particularly any changes for existing customers). FULL details of names, age, gender, likes & dislikes, along with details of the cat/s normal diet is required. Any illness or medical issues should be highlighted at each booking. Also, please remember to provide up to date contact numbers and email etc. Please read your booking confirmation email in full each time.

Provisional Bookings – can only be held for a max of 24 hours. After this time a £20 non refundable deposit is required to confirm the booking.

Cancellations – fees now apply if bookings are cancelled within 14 days of your arrival date.  See below for details


Deposits – a £20 non refundable deposit is required to confirm a booking during peak holiday times

Fees – a full day’s board is charged for the day of arrival & the day of departure, irrelevant of the time of arrival or collection. This allows for the essential disinfecting, cleaning, drying & preparation of the chalet. (eg if a cat is collected at 10am or 5pm then the same charge is made for that day)

Minimum Boarding Fees and Timescales a minimum timescale for bookings is 2 days and charges are made per day (eg shortest stay is overnight = 2 days)

Christmas and New Year whilst we are closed for viewings, admissions & collections on the afternoon of Christmas Eve & all day Christmas Day & Boxing Day and the afternoon of New Year’s Eve, and all day New Years Day, we do have residents during this time. Please check opening hours each year as these do vary during the festive season.

Payment  is preferred by bank transfer to A/C 69519338 Sort Code 08 92 99 or cash or cheque made payable to “Bromley Hayes Cattery”, we do not have the facility to take payment by credit or debit card. A non refundable deposit of £20 is payable on booking and full payment of the remaining balance is payable 14 days prior to arrival

Late collections / Delays in the event of a longer stay (eg airport delays etc) the additional charge per day will be made on collection. Cats will not be released until full payment has been received.

Early Collections – in the event of a shorter stay than planned, charges for the full booking will still be made. This is because at short notice, it would not be possible to obtain another booking for the days in question.

Pricing whilst every effort will be made to maintain the current fees, it is inevitable that they will need adjusting periodically. During any change in pricing, for cats that are already in residence during the change in fees, the lower price will be charged. Bookings for the future that have already been made prior to any price increase will be given the option to pay the additional fee or cancel the booking without charge. Up to date fees will be displayed on the cattery website and upon request.

Offers only one promotion / voucher / special offer can be used per booking

Cancellations – fees now apply if bookings are cancelled within 14 days of your arrival date.

If a booking is cancelled with less than 14 days WRITTEN notice or “Non Arrival” a cancellation fee of the total boarding amount will be charged.  By requesting a booking for your cat/s with us, you are agreeing to these charges if your booking is then cancelled for any reason.  A receipt for your payment can be emailed on request if you need this to claim your money back on your holiday insurance.

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